Mindfulness has a new voice.


Vanessa has been called "the sleeper" at multiple women's conferences... her playful, vulnerable approach to mindfulness surprises and delights audiences. Expect her talks and workshops to be interactive, anecdotal, and inspiring. You can also expect to smile. She presents a range of topics including:

Metta Mom*New*: An intimate how-to for Mothers on practicing spiritually-based mental health to ascend from their daily yuck (60-90 minutes)

Mindful Mediation: An interactive how-to for neutrals and negotiators that transforms conflict into creativity (half day workshop / AV helpful but not required) 

Unstuck: A hilarious how-to on using moon phases to break free from habitual behaviors and relationships (75-90 minutes / AV required)

Speak from the Heart: An interactive how-to on fighting fair, feeling connected, and releasing grudges (75 minutes / workshop format)

Here's what people are saying:


"So awesome listening to you yesterday. Best session of they award right here!!"

@thisorganicgirl, WELL Summit Boston attendee (Unstuck)

"We just wanted to thank you again for being such a wonderful addition to [MHA's] program. The audience LOVED the session—we are so grateful!"

AC - Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association, MHA’s Annual Women’s Leaders in Healthcare Conference organizer (Creating Emotional Boundaries through Visualization)

"WOW! I was fortunate enough to be part of your session at the WELL Summit this weekend. You're probably hearings this from a lot of people, but it was my favorite session of the day. So authentic, candid, and informative! It resonated with me on a personal level having bouts of depression. It was good to hear your success story and help re-frame."

AT - WELL Summit Boston attendee (Unstuck)

"While we're all fighting over who gets the bigger piece of the pie, Vanessa's in her mediation room baking up a whole new pie."

Attorney and classmate - Cornell University ILR School (Industrial and Labor Relations)

"I wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for such an amazing presentation at the W.E.L.L. Summit.  I have really started to get into the phases of the moon, and the information you provided was exactly what I needed to start putting practices in place during the different moon phases."

SG - WELL Summit Boston attendee (Unstuck)

"Seriously loved this. I made a school year resolution to be less reactive and frenetic and this is right in line with that. My house, and I, were getting too stressed and negative. Thank you. Your voice is so calming and you really put my mind at ease. Looking forward to beginning the practice."

PB - Weekly meditator  (Metta Mom)

"Why didn't we learn this skill in grade school? Seriously."

Audience member - WELL Summit Brooklyn attendee (Speak from the Heart)


Mindfulness has a new voice.

For a decade, Vanessa Linsey has been helping people resolve conflict through mindfulness. A communications expert, meditation teacher, and trained mediator (no "t"), she offers proven practices that get clients unstuck from toxic relationships and mindsets. 

Vanessa earned her BA in Speech Communications with honors from Bridgewater State University and her certificate in Professional Mediation at Cornell University's ILR School. She has advanced training in negotiation and divorce mediation and is honored to be a member of Cornell's mediator panel. 

She infuses her healing practice with mindfulness-based techniques developed through years of training with institutions like University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness and Anodeah Judith’s Psychology of the Chakras. 

Vanessa founded Chrysalis Meditation Center in 2015, became an Advanced Marconics Practitioner in 2018, and recently published her first book, a best-selling prescriptive memoir entitled Metta Mom: A Mindful Guide to Managing Your Mood & Your Brood. 

This mindful mother of several can be found at home in New England telling Alexa to play songs by Dolly Parton and crushing her children at Mario Cart.